Spray Coating and Conductive EMI Shielding Paint Application


Mueller Corporation can provide you a full range of spray coating technology, your source of radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) component shielding for a new or currently existing part. There are many industries needing RFI and EMI component shielding and the fact is that all electronic equipment need protection against emissions that can interfere with their normal or routine operations.  For more useful reference, have a peek here

Conductive paint can be sprayed into a plastic with the use of airless spray equipment or an air atomizer. Copper conductive paint or EMI paint is widely used for higher frequency EMI shielding applications that are >30 MHz and ESD applications. Silver EMI plating or conductive paint is used in higher frequency EMI shielding applications where higher shielding effectiveness and conductivity are required or where copper conductive paint won't meet the corrosive and other environmental requirements. For lower frequency EMI shielding applications, nickel conductive paint is used, and graphite paint is widely and commonly used in ESD prevention and EMI shielding projects. Read more great facts on EMI coating, click here. 

Why use spray coating? Spray coating enables a metered amount of the shielding paint to be deposited on apart evenly and to cover every contour or section including small crevices and cracks. It gives a consistent application that can greatly benefit the quality, material property, and cost requirements, matching scalable production demands. Flexible spray coating equipment is used by Mueller Corporation for delivering superior finishes and results with the help of High-Volume Low-Pressure (HVLP) Spray guns used in different configurations (hand operation for small volume requirements and prototypes, automatic reciprocating paint cells, and six-axis robotic paint cells).

Mueller Corporation has extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience in spray coating and conductive paint application, sharing these to their clients as a guide for the mechanical design of plastic parts. These design guidelines include dealing with difficult to paint small holes, crevices and tight bosses, and how to mask blind holes and small through holes during the paint application process. Mueller Corporation's specialization if spray coating of RFI and EMI components.

The total service package of Mueller Corporation includes prototyping and design assistance whereon early input is provided into the development process, as well as planning and implementing optimal spray coating practices. A critical aspect of spray coating is masking that is carried out either using customized built masking fixtures or by hand using plugs and tape. Mueller corporation prioritizes quality as evidenced on the final components produced surpassing customer requirements with excellence. Please view this site for further details.